SICKDIG042 - Hardlogik, Syrinx, Infamous, QKHack

by Future Sickness Records



SICKDIG042 - Hardlogik & Syrinx/ Infamous & QKHack
A/ Hardlogik & Syrinx - Eat Vegans, Go Hard
B/ Infamous & QKHack - Legendary Monster

Masters of dancefloor execution conjoin like a deformed entity of heinous intensity. They invite you into their territory where the thunderous amalgamation of sounds render you defenceless. You will sucumb to their own breed of madness. Hardlogik & Syrinx - Eat Vegans, Go Hard This rises with a soul shredding undercurrent of torturous tones that encapsulates and slithers under your skin like a fatal infestation. Without warning it unleashes a wallop of bassy anger with a pace that is hyper and exhilarating, carried forth by its mad and murderous beat. It grabs you by the scruff of the neck and hurls you into a maelstrom of relentless violence, leaving you precious time to draw breath. A stomping anthem for the deranged. Qhack & Infamous - Legendary Monster A sinister injection of noise erupts that trickles through your veins, ransacking your wretched soul like a demonic possession. The synths ease you into a elated trancelike state that soon gives way to a deadly concoction of throat ripping bass and head crushing kicks that wrap you in chains and tease you into capitulation. Full of riotousness it leaves your body hammering to the potent flow of beats. A real dirt bag of emotions. They will steal your sanity to keep Your soul, they will reap Forever, chasing sleep Nightmares will make you weak Once you see what lurks beneath Things will never be the same again


released May 25, 2015


all rights reserved


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